Questions and Answers

What do I get from my shoot?

You will receive the number of images included in your package or paid for additionally and they will be full size, high resolution, fully edited digital images, together with a print release. This means you can share your images online on social media, save them on your phone, and print them in whatever size, number or product you wish. You will receive your final images via a link to download your gallery which ensures the fastest delivery possible – pictures will be in your inbox as soon as they’re done.  Raw or un-edited images are not available for purchase. Packages do not include print products.

How many pictures do I get?

As many as you decide you want. The package you pick will come with a base set amount of pictures included to get you started, but you’re not limited to those only. Once you start flipping through your proofing gallery you’ll be able to add as many extra images as you’d like for an additional fee per image.

When will my pictures be ready?

After your photo session I will take couple of days to go through all the images, take out all the weird closed eyes ones that won’t work, and prepare and send your proofing gallery so you can start your selection. Once you’re done I can start working on editing your pictures (this is where the final magic happens!), which will take up to 30 days. If you’re working with a specific date in mind, you can let me know before we set the shoot date and I can see what we can do to get your pictures back to you in time to meet that goal, depending on availability.

Will you share my pictures on line?

This is 100% up to you! I get exited about taking beautiful images and want to share them on my website and social media, but I understand the need for privacy so we will discuss before starting how you feel about this. You can opt to only share some, keep them all private or share all of them. There is no extra charge for keeping your images private.

How many outfits can I wear?

I don’t limit the number of outfits, but we do normally work with a set amount of time for each shoot based on the package you picked, so it will vary. A ballpark is 2 to 4. I always recommend bringing extra outfits, and we start working from your favorite one down the line to fit as many as we comfortably can without rushing the process.

How about hair and makeup?

Completely up to you! I tend to recommend some just so we have a more polished final look, and some shoot types like pin up really benefit from the additional styling. I can help with all the glamming up, but you’re also welcome to trust your skills or those of another artist you prefer.