Getting Ready Guide



Feeling good in your skin.

Happy skin photographs beautifully. Avoid excessive tanning or spray tans 3-4 days before your photography appointment to avoid redness, peeling or uneven tone. Moisturizing  the morning before it will ensure your skin looks soft and supple. For an extra touch exfoliate a day or two before and apply lotion religiously. Load up on chapstick too!

Preparing and pampering

Taking care of small details before your shoot will really pay off with beautiful results, think of it like a bit of pampering before a big event. If you dye your hair, schedule a refresh service. If you paint your nails, make sure you get a fresh mani and pedi. Perfectly fine if you don’t do either of those things, I would just hate it if you get your images back and notice your chipped polish or a bit of roots poking through. Similarly, if you normally remove any of your body hair, ensure it’s done right before your shoot for best results.

Eeek, I got a random pimple/bruise/giant mosquito bite right before my shoot!

We are humans and this happens! It will be taken care of in editing.



Tell me about the outfits – what, how many, how?

I don’t limit the number of outfits, but we do normally work with a set amount of time for each shoot based on the package you picked, so it will vary. I always recommend bringing extra outfits, we’ll pair them down together based on what will photograph best and we start working from your favorite one down the line to fit as many as we comfortably can without rushing the process.

Make sure anything that can wrinkle is ironed and hung on hangers so it looks neat and clean in your shots.

How about the shoes?

Shoes will depend on your shoot type, but they’re an important part of your styling. You want to make sure they match the style of the photo session – a dressier outfit should have dressy shoes rather than flip-flops; are we going for a casual, fun-in-the-sun shoot – bring the flip flops! If any part of your shoot will be in studio, make sure the soles are wiped clean with a damp paper towel so we don’t have dirt marks in your beautiful pictures.

Don’t forget about the undies!

This may be a surprise, but it comes up a lot! Plan your undies around your outfits – if you need something nude, seamless or strapless, don’t forget to pack it.

The hair-elastic-as-bracelet

Are you one of the many people who often find themselves with a hair elastic on their wrist?You’re not alone! Please leave it at home so we don’t have a pesky distraction or a red mark left behind it.

I’m a little (or A LOT) nervous about this!

Please don’t worry, there is nothing to be nervous about! We will have a lot of fun, a bit of a work out with all the poses and you’ll be surprised at the end you were ever worried.